Nights on the Town!

In Bangkok there are plenty of places to go on a night out, but who is going where and whats hot and whats not? Instead of wasting time on hit and miss nights that should be fabulous let me inform you of what I've learned this year...

Mix Discoteque

Mix is one of my favorite clubs because it has a dance floor. Nearly every club in Thailand has a table policy, you open a bottle, you get a table and you dance round your table with your friends. Not much chance for mingling unless you happen to be situated next to a particularly friendly table. So Mix for me is perfect, I like the music and I like being able to wander around.There are 2 rooms, the main room with the dance floor and club hits (pictured) and another room adorned in blue light that plays more dance music and you can smoke in there. But it smells and if you go in there for more than 30 seconds you smell, and even if you smoke you don't need a cigarette once you've gotten in there anyway.

Everyone pays 50 B to get in, Thais and foreigners. Drinks are 250B each but there are always promotions, I've never gone there without receiving free drinks. Taxis and tuktuks can take
you there for free as the club pays them for bringing customers. You will find an assortment of people here, a international young crowd, Thai ladies more than Thai men, foreigners, and there will always be a scattering men in their 40s + because its Bangkok. All in all mix is a fun club and a great way to end your night as you can dance until you can't feel your feet any longer, and then your so tired you just pass out as soon as you get home.

Q Bar

Q Bar  is an upmarket clubbing experience. There are different zones within the club, personally I always find myself on the roof terrace where you can enjoy live DJs, shisha and cocktails. On Sundays it's ladies night where you can enjoy 3 free drinks each providing you get there before midnight. For one of my friends birthdays we reserved the little private tree house area behind the DJ booth. She bought a load of bottles of booze and shishas and we all danced around in that tree house until it was time to leave. It was a lot of fun and the service was great, we had our own bar tender to pour our drinks for us and ensure we din't want for anything. Q Bar always have offers on their facebook page, its on Sukhumvit Soi 11 which is a great location as there is so much to do around that soi.


Levels is yet another Sukhamvit Soi 11 nightclub, so whats so good about it? Well it has a big chandelier handing directly above the circular bar and the 'Moet Garden' has a sky bar-ish feel to it with comfy seats and an ok view but nothing to write home about. When the party really get going the back of the club opens up and there is another whole huge section, another room with another DJ and lots of dancing to be done. But to be honest it's not my favorite Bangkok club as the drinks are not good value. If you go on the weekends it can be as much as 500 B per drink and that's for a vodka mixer in a small cup with plenty of ice. The crowd is predominantly young professionals peppered with aged white men as per norm. Look for promotions to avoid being stung and also take notice of the strict dress code. Absolutely no shorts or flip flops for men and they should wear a shirt or smart equivalent, for women the rules are slightly relaxed as long as you look sexy and smart.

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