Day Trips

So you have a few days off work and the city is closing in on you.. do not stress, keep calm and go on a day trip. As the skyline becomes visible and city falls away so do your worries and cares. The contrast between the city and a couple of hours drive down the road is incredible!

Hua Hin

Hua Hin is about 4 hours from Bangkok, you can get there via mini van for 150 B. Get the BTS to Victory Monument, when you come to the roundabout using the footbridge turn right and walk about a quarter round the circle before using the stairs to get down to ground level. There are lots of helpful signs and people to ask if you can't see where to go immediately. Once you are on your way you can relax and let the city melt away. 

I wen't with my good friend Susu as luckily we had the same day off. I would suggest packing nothing more that some light entertainment, a towel, sun-cream and a change of underwear. Once you arrive it can be confusing where to go, but all you need to do is ask someone 'where is the beach?'. They will point, you will walk and that's that. We found the beach about 10 mins from the drop off point.

Me and Susu 
Once on the beach the first port of call was sunbeds, we soon found a row of beds for a mere 50 B each. The staff were friendly, bordering on the flirtatious, nothing wrong with that and were quick to bring us menus. The snacks and drinks were beach prices so a small beer 120 B, a plate of french fries was 80 B and a smoothie for 60 B. They didn't mind me popping to the shop and bringing my own beer either since I had already purchased a few items there. They even gave us glasses and ice for our shop bought beer.

One of the horse owners
The beach was fairly empty and relaxing. The sea was warm enough to swim in and stayed shallow for quite a way out so swimming wasn't scary. I didn't see any water sports in this section of the beach although there was horse riding. We witnessed one very enthusiastic tourist galloping up and down, he clearly had no idea what he was doing as every time he used the crop to smack the horses ass it kicked its legs up in the air. For some strange reason this man wasn't phased by the imminent danger of a broken neck and carried on, the poor horse clearly hating every minute of it. By some small miracle he landed safe and sound, the only casualty a damaged helmet which had been violently shaken off his head.

Wine by the sea
After sunbathing for a few hours we decided to treat ourselves and grab lunch at one of the fancy hotel restaurants. The hotel was brand new and there was still work being done, but the menu looked great so we took a seat. The presentation of the food was beautiful and it tasted great although the portion size was too small for me. I had salmon and chips, Susu had burger and chips and we shared an ice-cream for desert. As the hotel was so new they waitress didn't know how to process my card (a Thai bank card, nothing out of the ordinary), I went over to help and found her jamming it repeatedly into the chip and pin machine. I retrieved my card and showed her that it didn't have a chip and she'd need to swipe it, after a few tries we finally got there. By then our time at the beach was up, it was nearly 6 pm and we didn't want to miss the last van. We gathered our things and wandered back to where we had been dropped off, asked around and were taken a few meters down the road to the vans.

Have you been to Hua Hin? What was your experience?

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