Friday, 6 September 2013

What's the story?

I'm a British girl in my 20's who's working and living the dream in Bangkok, one of the most interesting, fun, amazing, crazy, must see places on the globe. So who am I and how did I get here?

Graduation day 2011
I was late doing my degree because I did what most British kids are doing now, I was all party and YOLO. So I left school with 1 GCSE but realised I was worth more than washing stinky sweaty towels in a gym when I did 3 weeks of work experience. This flipped a switch in my brain and I came to my senses, I retook my GCSEs then did an Access to Higher Education course which lead me to university where I studied BSc Hons Nutrition. I had visions of myself in a crisp white suit gracefully swanning down the corridors of a hospital, clipboard in arm healing the sick. All the hard work I had done paying off with a career to be proud of...

But when it came to finding this job, the employment situation was dire. So I ended up in a call centre. A room full of overqualified bored people being treated like idiots and talked down to. Even my uncle who was a teacher for 30 years suffered the same fate. Poor management, minimum wage and constantly changing rules which by the time they trickled down the poor line of communication had been violated many times only leading to unfair disciplinary action. To be honest I'd had enough of  it, 25 years old living with my mum and in a dead end job, not exactly as I had planned when I put my self back through the education system. I would have been better off if I'd just stayed at that gym!

My group in training for the CELTA 
I had been to Thailand before to train Muay Thai for a month and again for another 6 months again to train Mauy Thai and travel. I always knew I wanted to return permanently, so with this seed firmly planted after my death sentence, oh sorry, I mean contact ended at the call centre everything I did for the next 6 months was to get me back here. I sold everything I had that was worth anything on Amazon or even on the street, I took any work that was going, cleaning, painting, ironing and even feeding my auntie's cats! I booked a 1 way flight, paid to take the CELTA qualification at International House BKK and made something happen!

I know that I am not the only one who has been facing this predicament, so here is my advice and experiences to the rest of you who are toying with the idea of moving to Bangkok, or maybe you have already done it!

Happy to have you read my blog, love from Rosy