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What better than a good book and piece of cake eh? I love reading about Thailand, both fact and fiction. It makes it all the more exciting when your actually here and you understand the subtle references and inside jokes. Here are some books I have read and think you should too.

The Bangkok 8 series - by John Burdett 

Bangkok 8 is the first in a series which, up until now, includes 5 books. In order; Bangkok 8, Bangkok Tattoo, Bangkok Haunts, The Godfather of Kathmandu and Vulture Peak. They are detective novels following the life of a half Thai half American policeman, Sonchai Jitpleecheep, who was raised single handedly my his prostitute mother. Burdett explorers Thailand's diverse range of sexual genders, orientations and practices. Sometimes being so extreme you start not to take the book seriously, but never the less it keeps you turning the pages. Sonchai is a believable character who you will get to know quite well, you feel sorrow when hes depressed and hope for his safe return during those chilling chapters... just like you would for a friend. Burdett provides an insight into the Thai mind and cultural thinking, weather or not he is accurate, well you wouldn't know unless you are Thai would you? But it's an intriguing angle which opens you to the idea that Thais have an alternative perspective and gets the old cogs turning which is never a bad thing.

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