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When relocating to any foreign country you will be vulnerable to the unfamiliar environment, and with Bangkok being one of the most polluted and densely populated cities in the world, it is no exception. So here are a few tips and guidelines to keep you at optimum health during your stay. Health is wealth so look after yourself!


Most of my friends have had acne outbreaks since moving to Bangkok. For some of us it has been continuous breakouts and for others full blown chronic acne. What to do? for the chronic acne you must get to the hospital and see the dermatologist as soon as. The dermatology dept at Bangkok Christian Hospital is great providing you see the female doctor not the male one, so ensure you specify. My friend left it almost 6 months before she went and it was making her miserable. Now she is on a course of antibiotics and the improvement is clear although the treatment is still ongoing. Those who have experienced persistent breakouts the dermatologist is a waste of time as when I went there for my skin it wasn't severe enough to carry out any real treatment on, I was given some antibiotics but decided against taking them. One option is to purchase a Clarisonic skin cleaning machine, they are expensive but the reviews from my friends and online are great, I'm hoping for one for Christmas! Other than that just be extra attentive to your skincare routine and ensure that you never sleep or work-out with makeup on. Furthermore do your makeup at work because when you sweat (and you will) on your way it will get into your pores. 


Mosquitoes are an unavoidable addition to Bangkok life. As a fresh farang you will be considered the most delicious treat and feasted on whenever and where ever. But don't worry you only need two products and they can both be found in 7/11.
Soffell comes in 3 types, I use the pink one as it's scented. People have actually asked me what perfume I'm wearing and are shocked to find that it's just a cheap bottle of repellent! One thing is that it takes your nail varnish rite off so be mindful of this when applying it.
After wasting money and time trialing pharmaceuticals to stop the itching when bitten, I finally found this bad boy, Pim-Saen Balm Oil. And it's the only thing that really works for me. It's easier to apply that tiger balm as it comes in a roller ball bottle, so you can apply it without any mess and its more natural that what you can buy over the counter.
Do you swear by any remedies to keep mosquitoes at bay?

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